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iPhone 11 is it worth? or keep the old one or just buy last year model

September 11, 2019

The new iPhone 11 was released on 10th september 2019. So we can see on apple website that there are some upgrades to all new lineup of iphones. But the question is: ''is it worth to spend money on it?" And my short answer is yes and no and i know this answer a lot of people will say that it's too general but it's the reality. So i will not bore you with what's new with the iphone because you know that definitely something is new but more important is if you need the new features. So the design is the same with the add of three cameras in the back. So you will not be able to use same case as older models. The camera suppose to be better but if you are taking photos only for instagram and occasional videos than you will be good even with the 1st iphone X. In instagram and facebook or other apps the photos will look practically identical on iphone 7 or 8 or X, only difference is the screen that you are looking at and that's tft or oled so basically the screen itself is making the photo look better not particularly the camera for a regular user. There are a lot of colors to choose from and new ones so that's good in terms of making it how you like, same time you can get a case with mostly any color you want. So only if you have a lot of money to spend and dont care spending it than you could get an iphone 11 pro max wit