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Samsung Galaxy S20, Plus and Ultra what to expect and most important standard features

With the new lineup from Samsung galaxy there is a big change in the smartphone business as the new standards are very high especially with the new galaxy. So with all new features samsung is trying to be ahead of everyone by giving best quality best features available on the market in 2020. Here is a recap of the most important updates for the new phone:

1. Introduces a 100x zoom camera. 2. Takes 108-megapixel photos. 3. Integrates two forms of 5G: Sub 6 (standard) and millimeter-wave (super fast). 4. Adds a 120Hz AMOLED display for better video and gaming. 5. Offers 8K video recording. 6. Increases battery capacity to 5,000 mAh. 7. Includes a 25-watt fast charger in the box (and supports a new 45-watt charger). 8. Debuts "Single Take" mode to capture 10 photos and four videos with the push of one button.

All these will be a standard for future phones that will come in the market. So samsung s20 lineup definitely made a big entry in terms on feature on the paper.

Do u want to know why s20? well i do not know exactly why samsung choose this name, i can only make suggestion. My guess is that samsung wants to appeal to customers that their phone is from the future by making is s20 they jumped practically 10 phones from previous s10. So iphone 11 here we have and samsung from s10 to s20 meaning if iphone will name it iphone 12 that would be from past. I guess it's more like a marketing strategy than a real name to the phone. But overall the phone looks amazing but there is a huge downside, if u want to buy latest and greatest u have to pay your monthly reat or more towards new samsung that is waping 1400$ plus tax, that is inseane of a lot of trashed money.

And also we have the new samsung flip phone that kind of doesn't make too much sense as it cost almost same as the flagship, u choose u want best camera, best everything or u want flip phone with average everything else? So the flip phone Galaxy z flip is more like a fashion statement than a lot of features.

Only think is that we have to test them to use them and see if they worth the price and lets as well wait for the new iphone that will come later on this year that should have a solid answer to samsung with a little bit of more flare and glamour to it.