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My experience with Verizon

Worst customer service, wors service and they lie a lot!

So the story starts when i decided to move to the ''most reliable'' wireless company in USA. I moved from prepaid Visible ( verizon mvno direct from verizon ) to Verizon prepaid. So basically right from the beginning i had issues. I called verizon over the phone to transfer as online was giving an error. The customer service rep could not transfer my number so i hang up. I called second time to try mayne with a different rep more knowledgeable and the guy could make one request for my number and the 2 second number that i wanted to transfer he said he can not do it and he will give me a temporary number. He also said that he will ship the sim cards fast and free. Now when i wake second day i do not have service on my phone. I call verizon and ask them why i do not have service as i did not receive the sim card yet... They told me that they do not see any order on their end. By the way the all the calls where like 1h each! Pain in the ass!!! I tried to talk to a manager over the phone and i went to the store and nobody could find my order. So i contact my old wireless provide and ask them why i do not have service and they tell me that verizon has my number, thats a bummer as i do not have service. I ended up waiting for the shipping of the verizon sim card that took 3 days, so i could not use my phone for 3 days, by calling customer service all 3 days to try to figure out what is going on and nothing. Finally i got my sim card, inserted in my iphone with hope that will work and nothing :) then i call again customer service, and from the 2nd try the second person activated. So i have service and i go home to see how is the signal there. Surprize! No service at all! not even around my house or even if i drive away still nothing. So with my second number that i tried to port in that was about 6 customer service and still nothing, spoke with supervisors and all promised next day next day and nothing, 2 weeks in nothing! I gave up and i just got a new number unfortunately, so they lost my number! After give it a try for less than a month, terrible service! I know you would think should be reliable and fast etc. but it was not. What i think is that verizon make the priority for the service for their postpaid contracts and the prepaid gets lower speeds and lower signal as i asked people with postpaid account and there were no complains. So if you want to get Verizon get postpaid but its expensive and trust me it does not validate the quality overall and price! About 35% of the time using verizon prepaid i was without service even if their map was saying that i should be getting LTE 4G. I decided to try ATT prepaid and see if its any better. So i transfered my numbers from verizon to att prepaid. Guess how long did it take to make the transfer and everything? 5 MINUTES for 2 numbers total! After 5 minutes i was already using both phones! Went home to see the coverage and all bars full, was able to call text use the internet, and my service say 5Ge on ATT prepaid, been using the service for 2 weeks and no drop calls ( as i was having very often on verizon ), internet fast and everywhere and price is even better! So my recommendation skib big time on verizon prepaid and even postpaid, get Att prepaid or even T-mobile prepaid would be better and cheaper, if you want a postpaid account get a T-mobile postpaid that will give you a lot for you money plus international free roaming in DATA.

Conclusion is that all these big corporation most of the time in their ads mislead customers with wrong or incorrect information by trying to make more and more money not really care about any of their customers. But overall from prepaid wireless i would choose At&t and i am not related to any of them, and thats my personal opinion.

Even MVNO like Lycamobile Simple Mobile would be a better option instead of verizon prepaid. Thanks