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iPhone 7 or 8 or 7 plus or 8 plus After changing screen home button stopped working

So basically in my experience this can happen if you accidentally tear the cable of the home button or damaged the connection to the metal plate attached to iphone, it can happen with inexperienced people try to fix their own iphone or even to new guys in a repair shop, there is no fix to that unfortunately because the home button has a special chip inside that is attached to the particular iphone only and it can be replaced only by apple. Folks in china came up with a fix for that, not a perfect one but still something, they came up with a bluetooth version of the home button that connects to the iphone via Bluetooth and it works only as a push button, no finger print. In my experience its a very poor option, but still an option. So be careful when you remove the home button, use a heat gun and remove it slowly to be able to do no damage to the flex cable. Thanks

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