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After changing screen on iPhone 7 home button does not work

So a lot of times a hear from people that after they fixed ( replaced screen ) their iphone the home button stopped working. So short answer is that when you try to change the screen on iphone 7 u have to remove the home button so basically when u attempt to do that than where u can damage the cable of the home button by removing it incorrectly. So in order to remove it correctly i suggest u use a heat gone and heat the part of the screen where is the home button to make sure that the glue is a little loose so it will be easier to take out the home bunton. After u use the heat gone be very gentle how u remove the cable, u can use some tools or i use only the fingers that i can control all the way until i remove it completely. But let's say u already broke the home button, u are thinking of how u can fix it or replace it. Well bad news are that the iphone 7 home button has a special chip inside for the fingerprint and also for the feedback that makes him different from iphone 6s. So because of that u can not just take a button from another iphone 7 and replace it or just buy one. It will not work! There is an option from china with a home button that connect to the iphone through bluetooth and its actually pain in the ass to use and even to install it. So ur best bet is Apple store to fix it what u broke :)